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    Vintage Flicker™

    $47.00 $89.99
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    This Vintage Style Mini Digital Camera  is the perfect way to capture unforgettable memories this summer! IOh, and Mini Cam takes videos too! It captures grainy vintage-style pictures and videos that look straight out of an art déco movie or photo album! It includes selfie mode, a range of filters, time stamps and even some mini games too!
    Unlike disposable counterparts, these cameras are reusable and will not end up in land fills. You can choose from 3 different summery colors, and you also have the option to buy with or without an SD card.
    ✔️ Transfer to phone instantly with included USB cable
    ✔️ Takes photos and videos, has a selfie mode & filters
    ✔️ Small enough to fit in your pocket
    ✔️ Takes vintage, grainy style photos & videos to create beautiful memories